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Where I Ended Up

By Alberto Vargas

This is it guys, this is the end of it.

I never really got into the reasons behind my addiction. Honestly, it was a bit of a few things combined. I have always been really socially awkward. Making friends was hard, and I always seemed to say the wrong thing. Because of this, I had pretty low self-esteem.

I didn’t think I belonged in any inner circles or at a party with friends. Even when my friends did everything to make me feel welcome or even my family, I still felt out of place. Forever the outsider. I know now that it wasn’t true, it was just my skewed way of thinking.

My family really pulled through. When we stopped seeing each other, they really grew concerned. They didn’t think my life was leading in a healthy direction. They all made a deal together that if I still looked terrible when I visited for Christmas, they’d talk to me. At Christmas, I was still a wreck, and they knew it.

They all sat down and let me know that they loved me and were scared for me. My health was spiraling downwards, and I had nothing to show for living my life. No meaningful connections or moments; everything was online no. They begged me to see a specialist, so I did.

It wasn’t too hard to convince me. For a while now I’d known I was gaming too much, but I didn’t know how to stop, I couldn’t stop. Any time I thought “maybe I should go for a walk, or I could cook dinner for once” my body wouldn’t listen. I couldn’t get up from that chair and make myself do it.

Thanks to my family I got the help I needed, and now I no longer am addicted to gaming. I got a day job interacting with people, and though it was scary at first, it really helped a lot. I have a personal trainer and am working on getting my body back into shape. I’ve even been on some dates, though nothing has stuck yet.

Gaming addiction is real, but it’s possible to fight.

Thanks for listening to my story guys

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