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The Relationships Inside And Out Of The Screen

By Alberto Vargas

Cody again, duh. Glad to see you back. Ready to read about my life?

So we know how my gaming addiction affected my health and bank. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my personal relationships. Or lack thereof.

Yeah, it can be hard to sustain relationships with your butt always parked in front of a computer. It’s not like I could really make friends at work either, I was alone all night. My other co-workers worked the day shift.

I had friends from college for sure, but in the era of the internet, it was easier to talk to them online or text them then have to meet up in person. Most of them had day jobs or kids so they never really noticed my lack of a physical presence. It also meant I wasn’t really close with anyone.

Now and again I went on a date or two thanks to dating apps, but they never turned into much. Girls like you better if you respond to them, or are willing to pause your game to play. I really didn’t mind though, because I had worlds to explore and bosses to beat in my games.

I was close to my parents when I was younger, but not anymore. Gaming was to blame. That’s because I was too busy gaming to talk to them, and when I did speak to them, it was nothing but questions about a personal life that didn’t exist.

They wanted a son with friends and adventures and potentially grandkids, not a kid who sat in front of their computer playing games. I was a bit of a disappointment. There was nothing to brag about when it came to me.

I stopped going to see them because it was annoying and uncomfortable and they stopped asking because there was nothing changing. We drifted apart, just like everyone else in my life.

I had gamer buddies though, guys and girls who would be playing with me all day just as obsessively. Sometimes we mentioned our lives but mostly it was about partying up and what we were doing in-game. That just doesn’t beat real-life relationships.

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