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Learning About Gaming Addiction. Second Edition

Welcome back, I’m going to keep explaining about gaming addiction a bit more, that way when you judge me at least you can be well informed.

So as I was saying, you can see how it could be easy to sink more and more money into a game over time. For some people, it can be easy to turn a game off and get back to real life. They respond to friends and family and make sure to shower or eat. For some people, that’s not the case.

What Causes Gaming Addiction

There are a lot of reasons someone might have a gaming habit that turns into an addiction. Let’s go through some of these risks.

Psychological issues are often at the forefront. This means most of the time this can be the reason behind an addiction. If you have lived through pain or discomfort gaming can easily be the escape you need from your own head or life.

For people who have bad communication or social skills, gaming can seem like a godsend. This is because you don’t have to talk to people face to face, or even be particularly good at it. Making friends is easier because you can also be in the role of your character. Gaming becomes a great alternative to real life interactions because if you fail, it doesn’t matter.

Another reason is pretty obvious. Low self-esteem and can make people feel like they don’t belong in the real world, that they don’t relate or connect to people and they aren’t worth the effort. Often people with low self-esteem isolate themselves and gaming is a good way to do that. They can create all new versions of themselves better in every way.

Having mental health issues already is another way people can be susceptible to gaming addiction. This can really pave the way for gaming addiction. Some mental illnesses that make it more likely are ADHD, anxiety and depression.

Being an adult like myself without anyone to control my behavior also made it easier for me to get addicted. This is because I could play all I wanted and no one could stop me or tell me it was too much. Being an adult is amazing, but living on my own definitely made this more possible.

Gaming Addiction Symptoms

Like any other addiction, there are signs that can point to it developing. Of course, they can be easy to miss when you’re alone and isolating yourself, which I actually did, but it’s still good to know them.

–    Thinking obsessively about playing the game when doing other things.

–    Lying about the amount of time spent gaming.

–    Spending increasingly more time to get the same levels of enjoyment from gaming.

–    Abandonment of responsibilities and obligations to work, family, health, and finances over compulsive gaming.

–    Shame or embarrassment about time spent gaming. May become secretive about the activity.

–    Spending abnormal amounts of money on computer upgrades and gaming consoles.

The biggest part of gaming addiction is where it is unmanageable. It’s so easy to binge and spend all your free time gaming, regardless of whether you can even afford to or not.

Next time we will finally get into my personal experience with gaming addiction.