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How Gaming Affected My Life

By Alberto Vargas

Cody here—ready to learn all about my gaming addiction and judge me? Alright, here we go.

Like I said early, I had a pretty cushy job working nights at a hotel. That left me all the time in the day to get online and play to my heart’s content. I made enough for rent and bills with money left over to spend on my bad habits.

These bad habits would never include grocery shopping actually, except to by cereal and frozen dinners. I bought most of my food as fast food on the way home for work or ordered takeout. That’s easily like $50 a day on food, and that adds up quick.

I knew how to cook yeah but I didn’t want to break away from my game to fry up some eggs or slap together a sandwich. This meant I subsisted off of fast food and salty and sugary snacks. This meant that I was anything but healthy. In fact, I was 50 lbs overweight.

I’d always been a big dude, but when my gaming habit took over that went from solid mass to solid flab. It didn’t help that I spent all night sitting at a desk and all day also at a desk. I was a chair sitting champion. My tush was best placed in the cushion of a rolling seat.

So I was like really fat. Not insanely obese or anything but more overweight than I should have been. That was because I never wanted to exercise because I needed to be gaming. I also never wanted to cut into gaming time by, gasp, preparing real and healthy food to eat.

Now another thing gaming took its toll on was my wallet. You couldn’t really ever save if you were paying for upgrades or premium memberships or freaking fast food every day. I also had a taste for those energy drinks to help keep me away. I never had any extra money because I spent it wildly.

Okay, enough for now. Next week we will be talking about my descent into a true addiction.

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