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Gaming isn’t just for kids, it’s for adults too. And it can be an addiction, I’m living proof. Read here how my story of gaming addiction unfolds.


This is it guys, this is the end of it.

I never really got into the reasons behind my addiction. Honestly, it was a bit of a few things combined. I have always been really socially awkward.

Cody again, duh. Glad to see you back. Ready to read about my life?

So we know how my gaming addiction affected my health and bank. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my personal relationships. Or lack thereof.

Cody here—ready to learn all about my gaming addiction and judge me? Alright, here we go.

Like I said early, I had a pretty cushy job working nights at a hotel. That left me all the time in the day to get online and play to my heart’s content.

Video Games Ruined My Life. Good Thing I Have Two Extra Lives.


Hey, it’s Cody. We’re getting to the end of my story here so just stick with me. There’s a point to all of this.

So like I said before my health wasn’t really a top priority.


Did you know that gambling addictions are classified in the DSM, but gaming addictions aren’t? Yeah, people know that gambling can ruin your life...
Welcome back, I’m going to keep explaining about gaming addiction a bit more, that way when you judge me at least you can be well informed.


Hey guys, my name is Cody. You could say that I am a gamer extraordinaire, at least that’s how I would classify myself. Of course, a lot of gamers would say that especially the twelve-year-olds who love playing Fortnite.

I’m 34 years old, and I may or may not have let gaming take over my life. You see, I worked the night shift at a hotel running the audit. The audit was fairly easy once you got the routine down and I never had to deal much with guests thankfully. I was, am a bit of a recluse.